Termites are destructive insects that can cause thousands of dollars in structural damage. They may be present in your home for years without being obvious. To protect your property, look for these signs of termites in the home.

Signs of Termites in the Home

If termites infest your home, they can damage furniture, books, clothing, and the wood that makes up the structure of your house. The first step in preventing property damage is to recognize the signs of a termite infestation.

Clicking or Knocking Sounds

One of the signs of termites is a clicking sound inside the walls. Soldier termites hit their heads against the wood or shake their bodies when the colony is disturbed to alert the others to danger. The worker termites eat the wood and they are noisy. If you put an ear close by, you can actually hear them chewing.

Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are built to shelter and protect termites from predators. You might spot mud tubes on walls or foundations. Depending on the use of the tube, they range from narrow to wide. The mud tubes themselves don’t pose a danger to your home, but they are a sign that termites are looking for food or have already found a food source.

Hollow Sounding Timber

Drywood termites typically consume wood from the inside out. If you tap or knock on the area that has been damaged by termites, it will sound papery or hollow because the timber inside has been eaten away.

Termite Droppings

A key indicator of drywood termites is their droppings. Drywood termites nest in the wood and they like to keep their living areas clean. If you notice small piles of droppings resembling coffee grounds or sawdust near wooden materials, this is a sign of termites in the home.

Evidence of Swarms

After termites swarm out of their nest to find a new place to start a colony, you may find discarded termite wings. When termites land, they lose their wings because they don’t need them anymore. Piles of discarded wings mean that termites have likely moved into your home.

Sagging Floors are a Sign of Termites in the Home

Termites burrow into wooden surfaces, making them hard to detect. One of the signs of termites at home is deteriorating, sagging floors. A termite infestation will damage and weaken the floors in your home.

Call a professional if you notice signs of termites at home. Take steps to prevent your home from being invaded by termites and have your property inspected by a licensed termite professional every year. Experts are trained to spot signs of a termite infestation early and can help to prevent damage before it becomes significant.

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