A deck is an extension of your living space where you can gather outdoors with friends and family. The backyard deck is a perfect place to enjoy brunch or dinner. No matter what type of deck you have, there are some easy steps you can take to make your deck safer for children and pets.

Make Your Deck Safer by Keeping it Secure

Don’t allow children to play on the deck unattended. Install a lock on the door leading out to the deck. Make sure the lock is well out of their reach. If you have a gate on your deck, keep it closed and locked at all times. Use a child-proof latch to prevent little ones from opening the gate and sneaking out.

Clear the Area of Dangerous Materials

As you decorate your deck space, keep safety in mind. Potted plants add lush greenery to your outdoor area but make sure the plants you choose aren’t poisonous to pets or people.

If you store your grill on the deck, keep it covered when not in use. Teach kids to stay 3 to 5 feet away from the grill at all times. Any grilling tools should be out of the reach of children. Store any chemicals, fertilizers, or paints in secure places that cannot be accessed by kids or pets.

Safeguard Your Deck’s Railing

Inspect the railing of the deck and repair any loose, rotting, or missing balusters. Also, make a point to check the handrails and stairs if your deck has them. Loose handrails make for unsafe conditions.

Keep up with regular deck maintenance. Examine decking boards, looking for splinters, rot, or nails that are protruding from the surface. Replace any damaged boards, hammer nails in so they’re flush with the wood, and take an afternoon to sand down rough spots and refinish the deck.

Install Lighting to Make Your Deck Safer

Good lighting will boost the safety of any area, your deck included. Lighting makes the space welcoming and you can safely use the deck at dusk and after dark. Install lights on the stairs to reduce the risk of stumbling and falling. Make sure the lighting will illuminate all areas of the deck. Dark or shaded spots can be hazardous.

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