At this point, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a concern for several months. While restrictions may have been eased in your area, there’s no way to know when there may be another lockdown. Another widespread outbreak could lead to the need to stay home or quarantine. It’s smart to have the right equipment and supplies on hand. Because we’re still facing a pandemic, keep these essential supplies for quarantine in your home.

Toilet Paper

While you shouldn’t need to stockpile toilet paper, it’s good to have some on hand. A few extra rolls will help get you through times of shortage. Plan ahead and have a two or three week supply in case you need to stay safely at home.

Face Masks are Essential Supplies for Quarantine

You may need to leave the house for groceries or other supplies, so plan to wear a mask. Masks limit the spread of the virus and many places won’t let you enter without one. Because masks can be lost or damaged, it’s a good idea to keep extras on hand.

Non-Perishable Food

You and your family need to eat, so non-perishable food items are among the most important supplies for quarantine. If you are accustomed to relying entirely on fresh food items, you’ll need to plan more trips to the grocery store, potentially exposing yourself to the virus. Pasta, beans, canned and frozen vegetables, powdered milk, and other dry goods have a long shelf life and can make nutritious meals. If you need food from the grocery store, the CDC recommends that you opt for curbside pickup or grocery delivery services.

Clean Drinking Water

If your tap water is not ideal for drinking, install a water filter to make sure you have clean water for your family. You can also buy a water pitcher with a filtration system or stock up on bottled water.

First Aid Supplies are Essential for Quarantine

Prescriptions, first aid kits, over-the-counter drugs, and other medical supplies are important to have during a quarantine. If someone in your home gets sick or has an accident, be prepared for the situation. You may have to wait in a long line if a lockdown occurs, so it’s smart to stock up on necessities.


In a lockdown, your family may need to spend prolonged periods at home, so plan ways to keep them entertained. Be sure to have games, movies, and other forms of entertainment on hand so your family doesn’t get bored. Your family will enjoy hours of fun with a pack of playing cards, board games, and some good books that can be enjoyed for hours on end.

Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning Supplies and Essential for Quarantine

It’s important to make sure that all surfaces, linens, and clothing items are properly cleaned and regularly sanitized. Wash reusable cloth masks after each use and launder clothing that you’ve worn to run errands. Encourage hand-washing and keep bottles of hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray on hand to help limit the spread of illness.

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