When building a new home, you trust that your builder will construct a quality home with superior materials. Unfortunately, mistakes may be made during the construction process. If you’ve recently had a new home built, here are a few reasons to order a builder’s warranty inspection.

1. You’ll Be Glad You Had a Builder’s Warranty Inspection When You Sell

When you don’t know about issues from the original construction, your home may be worth less than you think. Order a home warranty inspection so that you’re confident in its resale value. If the foundation isn’t structurally sound or there are electrical issues, you can file a claim before the warranty expires. This way, when you go to resell, you won’t encounter any surprises from the original construction.

2. Protect Your Investment

Most people invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in where they live, and building a new home is no exception. A builder’s warranty inspection helps you to protect your investment and prevents repairs from becoming your responsibility. Make sure that your new home lives up to your high expectations.

3. Get the Necessary Repairs

Any defects found by the inspector will be addressed by the builder as long as they are covered by the warranty. The repairs are your responsibility once the warranty expires, which means you should order a builder’s warranty inspection within the first year of living in the home.

4. Multiple People Build the House

While you trust your builder to perform quality work when building your house, it doesn’t mean that mistakes won’t be made by other people involved in your home’s construction. From plumbers to electricians, many professionals are contracted to build your house. There may be some corners cut or mistakes made by others. With so much work going on at the same time, it is unlikely that the builder will catch every flaw.

5. Make Sure the House is Safe With a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Without a thorough inspection of your property, there may be questions about the home’s safety. Request a warranty inspection to protect your family by learning about structural issues or electrical problems that could pose a hazard.

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